I have come to realize over these many days of how many pompous egotistic fatass hippies we have in our country. People every day die to try to get in our country, they ache for a taste of freedom. Then, I see some fatzilla man or hippy woman walking on our American soil and could care less where they are at. They would trample the american flag, just as long as it covers the pothole in the street so they keep their sh1tty leather shoes dry. Little do they realize if this was communist China they would be lucky to even own a pair of shoes. These pompous people call our Country crap and dont even give a crap about the constitution or the flag which has the blood of millions of people on it, as a protection to keep these things real. I talked to one of these people today, they laughed and ridiculed the people who gave their lives, and left their families to protect our future. This crazy ass named Taplin inspired me to right this article, maybe it was a good thing so I can help change people's attitudes towards this country. This country is the most free country in the world, and not to mention prosperous. So why don't you treat it with respect, i bet 80 precent of you a$$holes who read this would never have the guts to fight for your butt which sits in your lazy boy right now. Why dont you make a change now, whenever you here the anthem and are about to pledge, do it with pride. Most of us act like its a pain in our a$$, thinking Man! Now I gotta stand up to say some stupid poem, no way im going to be cool like hippies who deserve to die, and sit down and mumble some words until its over. Instead you should stand up with pride in your eye and back straight and say the pledge like you just came back from Normandy. Be proud to know your are in a country people would die to get in, and a country which millions have died to protect. And I don't think if an awarded veteran were standing to you face to face, that you would dare to say something anti-american. I know I wouldn't. The American Flag is stiched with the blood of many, and the hopes of freedom loving people everywhere.

I Am a Soldier

I have gasped my last breath on many a desolate stretch of beach. For you...all of
you, the children who play in the parks, the mothers who watch over them, the
fathers who struggle to sustain them.

There are those here who have belittled and reviled me, who have made a mockery
of me and what I stand for. You, also, have I suffered and died for. I withstood heat,
insects and disease so the right to dissent would be yours.

I endured the pain and terror of battle and the maiming of my body to ensure that
you might worship as you please. I died in agony in order that you, no matter who
or what you are, have the freedom to choose your own destinies.
AND I WOULD DO IT AGAIN because I believe in the ideals that made this country
what it is today... FREE. I love her with a deep and abiding love that transcends
mere physical pain.

I AM A SOLDIER. Pray that I will always be there, for if I disappear from this country,
so will you.


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*After People Read This They Never Disrespected This Country Again*
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