I can not stand fat people who think they are hot, actually I can't stand fat people at all. They are so fat and lazy and they smell like eggs. Once I was walking on the sidewalk minding my own business when this fat ass came tumbling through and slammed into me and i flew against the wall, I was so mad I almost took out my UZI and shot him. How do these disgusting creatures get so humongously fat? It is disgusting, but what is worse is when fat women wear clothes that a hot y G1rl with a petite, nice body would wear. You have probably seen it before, they wear "revealing" clothes, which probably makes every guy that sees her sick for a week. Why the hell do these fat momma's wear such clothes? No one wants to see your body so cover it up or die. In fact I have a new idea for fat people, now the fat people can be sent to "Justin's Happy So Long Fat Camp." Here the fat people will have to survive numerous tests of skill. For example, they must be able to wrestle an alligator to its death, if they fail, they are sent to the fat grinder where they are killed and they're fat is used for insullation. You see, this way all the bad the fat people have done to us, we will return the favor by using they're fat asses to insulate my warm cozy house. Eat me fatties!

*Fat People Have Tried To Eat Me But I Am Low In Calories*
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