I am sick and tired of mexicans polluting my city with their dumbass and crummy cars. Do they think it is impressing us intelligent Americans who can afford cars that go over 60 mph? Ok, for the next couple of minutes I am going to smoke a quesidilla and become an extreme dumbass so I can think in the mind of a Mexican. Hmm..... I need to make my Honda da bomb! I know, Hey Amigos! I am going to add a muffler big enough to use as a basketball hoop to make my car sound like a Nascar. Now I am going to add a spoiler so people will think I am really cool and not a dipshit. Whoa that spoiler is so awesome even though I do not need it until I reach 160 Mph! Now I am going to play my Mexican music really loud and roll down my windows so people can hear it and know I am a jack-ass for even buying the CD's!......Whoa, that was a terrible experience, I now have a permanent retard scar in my brain. Jeez!!! what are their problems? I think we should send out the National Gaurd and have them arrest all the mexicans polluting my city and send them to a planet only the Hubble can see. Then I will be happy. And if I ever see one of those crappy Mexican cars again I will throw Nerds at it.

*Mexicans are now adding flame emmitting exhausts to maximize performance*
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