A few weeks ago I saw Matrix: Reloaded and to my surprise the action was better than humanly possible. My eyes were simultaneously bleeding, crying, and cloning themselves. Just the very beggining could of blown any piece of crap Jet-Li movie out of the Mariana's Trench. Shards of glass were slowly flying thru the air as trinity and the agent were exchanging and dodging bullets, all while they were plummeting to their deaths toward the streets below (heh heh suckers).
     Now we all know explosions are totally awesome especially when people are dying in them, but the Matrix: Reloaded finds some kind of potion which even makes the explosions 100X better than normal. The Wachowski borthers are pretty cool for being fat nerds. Speaking of cool, wouldn't it be cool if I could dodge bullets?!? That would make me complete, not only would i be extremely handsome, y, cool, and supreme being...But now I couldn't get killed by your worthless guns. Now when I am at a meeting to decide who deserves to die I can dodge those Nazi's bullets when they storm into our lounge with their cheap German guns (I hate Germans).
     Now by now I am sure you realize that I am way cooler than you and that Matrix: Reloaded rules. So why the heck does the popular website host "Maddox" say it sucks. That stupid nerd. What makes him a retardante is that he went on National TV and he was uglier than a fatty's pen!s after 10 years of no shower. Hes really a nerd on the outside and thats all that matters, your outside appearence. So if you are ugly you better die soon. Anyone else who gives Matrix: Reloaded bad reviews will be tormented from paper cuts by using Matrix posters.

*Maddox Tried To Kill Me But I Dodged His Bullets*
                                                                                                                                                              Back to how cool I am...

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