O.K., don't you hate the smell of some people? Especially if you go to a High School you can feel me here...Basically, some people smell like varieties of shit. I have this one friend Al*N M*DA and as soon as his wicked door opens the corrosive aroma of old stale noodle soup imported from Asia and of flour hits my sences like lightning. Immediately my body wants to go into a defense mode like it has been violated but the brain has frozen from the disturbed smell. If you spend only an hour inside his house you will leave smelling horrible, ruining your clothes. And he thinks he smells "good."?!?!?! Can you belive him, gosh and to makes matters worse he takes cheap deoderant and smothers himself with it as if he were basting himself. You see people, his brain's connectors arent hooked up completely to his spinal cord, causing certain retardness. And what really makes me mad is that his dumbass girlfriend says it smells good, like she has to lie about such a noticeable thing, who does she think she is impressing? I mite as well say "O I think fire isn't that hot?" How dumbass can you get? But... What I hate the most is Pakistani, Hindus or whatever, all the same gayness. They smell horrible, especially when you are in the hallway in school and walking right behind them, the smell is toxicating.