The other day in my World Histroy class all of a sudden the gay freshmen got into a conversation about much they were a gay fag* I mean a Fan of Sponge Bob. Sponge Bob is completely retarded and is made for little kids with numbed brains and a lame sence of humor. It looks like they watched all the episodes of the simpsons and dreamed of making a show as funny, so the producers (after taking and jaking off to a toilet) invented Sponge Bob. When I see that evil show appear on T.V. it makes my room feel like nerd city 3000 and gives it a gay humidity. I want to personaly travel over to Nickelodeon Studios and throw the producers in the trunk of my car and bring them to a meat factory, not only will I be helping society but I will increase meat sales 250%. Anyways, back to my class...As they were talking they started RECITING gay LINES fom the SHOW! I wanted to barf on the floor, eat it back up, barf again, put it in a cup, crap in a blender, mix it with the barf, then shower it on top of me. I was actually this close |--| to grabbing a pencil and stabbing them all to .

*Sponge Bob fans wouldn't recommend this site*
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