Terrorists, Terrorists, Terrorists. Damn them, that is all we hear now'a days. If we capture one we need to them, American style. You see I have compiled a list, meaning I did work for the dumbasses who captured the Terrorists and cannot think what to do with them. Thats right, using my techniques we will show those Terrorists a taste of America...

     1. Clintonism- As horrifying as it sounds it gets worse. Bill clinton gets as long as he wants with the Terrorists. The Terrorist must be blindfolded and tied to a missile. Bill clinton will get four items to use at his choice. Upon completion the Terrorist will then be shot and mailed to anti-war organizations.

     2. Afghani Burger- Well, just like the name sounds we take one Terrorist and send him to the meat grinder and produce Uncle's Homestyle Burgers. MMh' MMh' good! We will then treat the other Terrorists to a free lunch and then we will shoot them and throw them into the Potomac.

     3. Pyromaniac- One of my old favorites and America's pride. On the fourth of July, instead of the government spending our hard earned money on fireworks why not use "Terror"-works?!? That is right, "Terror"-works. It is simple actually, we light the Terrorists on fire and launch them into the air. WOW! Look at all the pretty lights! Also, some Terrorists may explode emitting sparks and guts. "WOW! Daddy look! That one blew up into a heart!" Also fat terorists will be punished for their obeisity by being packed with more Explosives. "Ouch Daddy that one hurt my ears!" Now we will no longer be bored by repetitive fireworks, but now fireworks the whole family can enjoy.

*People think my ideas rule*
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